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“Expanding tree canopy is extraordinarily important to our community, but can be a challenge for government because of concerns about cost and maintenance. Our partnership with Community Greening lends us the resources and credibility to overcome these barriers and make tangible progress on our climate commitments. We are grateful to work with such a successful organization that truly cares about racial equity”

Rebecca Harvey, Sustainability Coordinator Boynton Beach Utilities City of Boynton Beach
Dan Lambe

“Community Greening is one of the emerging superstars of the Alliance for Community Trees community. This new organization in Florida is turning heads, engaging tree planters and transforming the community forest in Delray. Keep up the great work!”

Dan Lambe, Arbor Day Foundation President
Jason Scorse

“The community benefits from community greening are tremendous, but rarely measured or recognized in policy discussions. Trees bring cleaner air, reduce energy costs in surrounding buildings, help reduce runoff and filter water pollution, and best of all make people happier and healthier. I love how this team is using economics the right way, by clearly showing how tree planting benefits the local community using simple metrics and good science. This is the future for sustainable community development.”

Jason Scorse, Director, Center for the Blue Economy
Dr. Paul Ries

“I’ve been privileged to watch the growth of non-profit tree planting groups across the US over the last 30 years, and I’m impressed with what Community Greening has accomplished in a very brief period of time. They aren’t just planting trees, they are growing communities, and South Florida is all the better for it. Community Greening not only makes cities greener, they make them safer, more resilient, and more livable.”

Dr. Paul Ries, President of Insightful Nature LLC and Former President of the International Society of Arboriculture

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Hear it from our volunteers

Hahnah Shin & Children

“Community Greening means a lot to us as a family. We see it as our responsibility as community members to give back to the earth that we live upon. Community Greening teaches children the importance of planting trees and the responsibilities involved in assisting a tree to thrive. I want to raise my children in a community where they have trees and parks to play on. I asked my 8 year old daughter Arya why she is always so excited when a Community Greening event is coming up and she replied, “Mommy, can you imagine if we had no trees?!” She is so right. Humans tax the environment in every aspect of our existence. Imagine if there were no more trees? I am so glad there are organizations out there like Community Greening that give back to the environment and create a safe place for children of all ages and types to learn and grow.”

Hahnah Shin, Volunteer
Ben Levison

“I love nature, and I love trees. I’m excited to be a part of Community Greening and to improve our natural habitat, to educate, inspire and energize our kids and to create natural, happy places for people and animals…”

Ben Levison, Volunteer

“Community Greening gives me an opportunity to give back to a wonderful community by doing something I love – planting trees. The passion, effort and results of Community Greening’s founders however, is a gift to everyone.”

Evan Widlitz, Volunteer

“I have always been very passionate about the environment and doing what I can to help make sure it continues to thrive. I love learning about different types of trees, especially the Florida Natives, since I am a Florida Native myself and have been surrounded by these plants my entire life. With the knowledge and experience I gained during my internship, I have been able to teach and show others what they can do for the trees. At Community Greening events I have met so many people in my community from all different paths of life who share my interest in helping the environment and planting trees. I am also a Delray local so I love driving by the trees that I planted with Community Greening and watching them flourish.

My favorite thing is watching the kids get excited at the tree plantings and naming their tree. I am grateful to have the opportunity to intern and volunteer with community greening.”

Riley Atwater, Volunteer
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Community Greening
Community Greening23 hours ago
Carver Middle School in Delray Beach is looking a whole lot greener, thanks to the 200 new trees we planted on the campus over the last month!

As part of our tree planting partnership with the City of Delray Beach, and with the help of over 100 volunteers, including staff from the Pbc Clerks's Office and Bank of America, Carver Middle is looking more beautiful than ever!

These trees will provide an array of benefits for the school for years to come - adding valuable shade for students to enjoy the outdoors, reducing energy costs, and helping with stormwater drainage.

Thanks to everyone that helped out making this possible!
Community Greening
Community Greening1 week ago
Don’t miss our Tree Sale fundraiser this Sunday, Jan. 22nd from 10am-1pm, at the CG Nursery in Boca!

We’ll be offering a wide variety of fruit & native trees to purchase (including some hard to find species): Avocado, Barbados Cherry, Coral bean, Gumbo limbo, Jackfruit, Kapok, Live oak, Mango, Miracle fruit, Mulberry, Pigeon plum, Simpson stopper, Slash pine, Soursop, Starfruit, White indigo berry, and more!

Add a beautiful fruit or canopy tree to your home, all while helping a great cause in the process.

Full Details:
Community Greening
Community Greening4 weeks ago
2022 was another fantastic year for Community Greening!

With your help, we planted over 2,000 new trees in South Florida!

Whether it was volunteering at a planting, picking up a tree during a giveaway, attending a fundraiser, or making a donation - we would not have had this success without your support! Thank you!

We’re looking forward to an exciting 2023, and hope to see you at a tree event in the new year!

#communitygreening #moretreesplease
Community Greening
Community Greening1 month ago
We recently took part in Leadership Palm Beach County’s Environment Day, and planted Red maple & Bald cypress with the Class of 2023!

These new trees will help add canopy to Riverbend Park in Jupiter, as well as provide habitat for wildlife, and an array of other environmental benefits.

Thanks to Leadership PBC and PBC Parks and Recreation for helping make South Florida a bit greener!

#communitygreening #moretreesplease
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With your help, we planted over 2,000 new trees in South Florida this past year!

Whether it was volunteering at a planting, picking up a tree during a giveaway, attending a fundraiser, or making a donation - we would not have had this success without your support! Thank you!
Comm_Greening photo
We recently took part in @LeadershipPBC’s Environment Day, and planted Red maple & Bald cypress w/ the Class of 2023!

These trees will add canopy to Riverbend Park & provide habitat for wildlife!

Thanks to Leadership PBC & @pbcparks for helping make South FL greener!
Comm_Greening photo
Check out the latest issue of the CG Treebune - December 2022 -
We added 120 native trees to Carver Middle School via our planting partnership with the @cityofdelraybeachfl!

Thanks to a lot of hardworking volunteers that helped out, these new trees will add shade, improve stormwater drainage & add beauty to the campus for years to come.
Comm_Greening photo
Avenue R in Riviera Beach is a bit shadier thanks to 60 new trees planted with the help of @Enterprise & @arborday!

Dozens of native trees are now providing shade for walkers, cleaning the air & adding beauty for homeowners along the road.

#moretreesplease #communitygreening
Comm_Greening photo
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