April is Earth Month

by Josh Weiner on March 28, 2023

April is Earth Month, a time to celebrate and honor our planet, with two significant events: Earth Day and Arbor Day!

These two days serve as reminders of the importance of protecting our environment and the natural world around us. Earth Day, which falls on April 22nd, is a global event that began in 1970 and is now celebrated in over 190 countries. Arbor Day, Community Greening’s favorite holiday of the year, is celebrated on the last Friday in April, and is a day dedicated to planting and caring for trees – something we know a little about.

As proud members of the Arbor Day Foundation, it is Community Greening’s mission to build thriving tree canopy year round, but Earth Month is an especially busy time as more people, groups, and corporations look to take part in Earth Month activities.

We love to see more people get excited about sustainability and planting more trees for all the amazing benefits they provide. The more people that help contribute to creating a thriving tree canopy and more sustainable communities, the better off we will all be.

Throughout the month of April, Community Greening will be distributing nearly 1,000 free trees for local residents throughout South Florida to plant at their homes. We will also be holding public tree planting events and volunteer activities at our Tree Nursery.

Whether you are a dedicated conservationist or are just looking to get involved in an environmental activity for the first time after hearing about Earth Day & Arbor Day, Community Greening can help get you involved.

Community Greening has a variety of public events throughout Earth Month.

Find out more information about all of our tree related events throughout April, visit our Event Calendar.

Interested corporate partners, please contact [email protected].