Youth Tree Team

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swain

Youth Tree Team

The CG Youth Tree Team employs local high school students to improve their neighborhood, while fostering environmental stewardship. The teens maintain trees & public green spaces, conduct community outreach, and attend environmental enrichment activities.

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Learning Arboriculture

Youth Tree Team members learn valuable arboriculture skills such as proper planting, staking, mulching, and pruning techniques. YTT put these skills into practice while caring for our newly planted trees.

Professional Development

The Youth Tree Team is often a teen’s first ‘real world’ job experience. YTT members are part-time paid interns of Community Greening that work on weekends during the school year, and weekdays during the summer. In addition to their field work, they also practice communication and public speaking by conducting community outreach and assisting during volunteer events.

Environmental Excursions

The Youth Tree Team takes regularly scheduled environmentally focused trips to learn more about green jobs and foster environmental stewardship. This includes activities such as hunting for invasive species with park rangers, exploring a wildlife refuge, or visiting a science museum.

Interested in joining the Youth Tree Team?

2024 Youth Tree Team:
Date/Time: School Year: Saturdays from 8am-3pm | Summer: Mon-Fri from 8am-12pm
Pick-up/Drop-off Location: 
The Community Grove at Catherine Strong Park in Delray Beach

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