The Beauty of Trees

Trees are not just beautiful additions to our homes and public spaces – they play a vital role in shaping our environment, health, and happiness.

Trees not only make our neighborhoods look beautiful, they also strengthen our communities, improve health outcomes, fight food insecurity, and improve environmental equality!

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Why We Plant Trees

Trees are critical green infrastructure that provide substantial environmental, health, and economic benefits.

They clean our air and water, reduce urban heat island effects, lower energy costs, increase property values, improve health and well-being, and help fight food insecurity.

Tree Facts & Information

Planting For Environmental Equity

Unfortunately, trees are often not equitably distributed, and states like Florida continue to lead the nation in urban tree loss.

We believe that through a collective effort of planting trees, we can build a vibrant tree canopy that equitably strengthens our communities and creates a more sustainable South Florida!

Plant trees with CG!

What is Tree Canopy?

Tree Canopy is a measurement of the amount of space covered by trees within a geographic area.

The US Forest Service defines a ‘healthy’ urban tree canopy around 40%. Unfortunately most South Florida cities have a tree canopy of 14-25%, with some cities as low as 5%!

With very few exceptions, low tree canopy areas follow national trends and have a high percentage of BIPOC residents and low median household income.

Our Impact

Community Greening is on a mission to plant a vibrant tree canopy, which will help to strengthen our communities and build greener and more sustainable neighborhoods.

Since our founding in 2016, Community Greening has partnered with dozens of municipalities, corporations, and community partners, as well as thousands of volunteers, to plant over 18,000 trees and counting in South Florida!

Parks, schools, city streets, and residential homes throughout South Florida are now greener, and our communities are receiving a host of environmental, economic, and health benefits for generations to come.

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Make an Impact On Your Community

Your donation helps put more trees in the ground, lower energy usage, and even provide delicious fruit.