Tree Giveaways

“When a community comes together to plant trees, they are sowing
the seeds of a greener and stronger future for generations to come.”

Free Tree Giveaways

Tree Giveaways are an excellent opportunity to increase canopy coverage on private property. With limited public land available, residents must also add trees to private property to help raise our community’s tree canopy, so we can enjoy all the amazing benefits trees provide.

CG Tree Giveaways allow residents to take home FREE trees to plant in their yards. Giveaways feature native & fruit species.

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What Types of Trees are Given Out?

Tree Giveaways feature both native and fruit species, and typically include options for different sizes when fully grown so that participants can find the right tree for their property.

All giveaway trees come in a 3-gallon container, and include detailed information on the specific species chosen, as well as instructions for proper planting and maintenance.

Who Can Receive a Tree at a Giveaway?

All giveaways are first come, first served, while supplies last. There is also typically a two tree per household limit (with a 1 fruit tree maximum).

Some residency restrictions may apply; full details and eligibility requirements will be listed within the event details.

Find Upcoming Free Tree Giveaways

Why are there Residency Restrictions?

Many of our giveaways are a part of City Planting Partnerships. These are funded with tax-payer dollars and are therefore restricted to residents within that city. Full details and eligibility requirements will be listed within the event page.

If your city/town in Palm Beach or Broward County doesn’t currently have a tree planting program in place, help get one started! Reach out to your local Sustainability Department or City Commission, and encourage them to plant more trees!

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