Delray Beach Tree Giveaway

Delray Beach Tree Giveaway

The Delray Beach Tree Giveaway has been reschedule to Jan. 6th – click here for more details.

Delray Beach Tree Giveaway

Sat, Dec. 16th | 9am
Delray Beach Historical Society

We’ll be passing out FREE TREES with the City of Delray Beach on Saturday, Dec. 16th starting at 9am, at the Delray Beach Historical Society!

This will be a Walk-up Tree Giveaway, with options of both native and fruit trees. We will NOT be giving away Christmas trees.

Trees will be passed out on a first-come, first-served basis, with a limit of three trees per household (1 fruit tree). Must be a Delray Beach Resident to receive a tree.

Species Options:
Native Trees: Avocado (lula), Guava (white), Miracle fruit, Starfruit
Fruit Trees: Paradise tree, Satinleaf, Short-leaf fig, Simpson’s stopper, Soldierwood

All trees come in 3-gallon containers. Species and times subject to change.

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