Cary Caster

BS, LMT, CCA | Owner/Founder
Why is Community Greening important to you?

Today, more than ever, our environment needs our help. Thankfully there are organizations like Community Greening that are not only making an impact on helping to balance our carbon footprint, but they are creating areas where communities can gather and reap the benefit of the trees’ fruits as well as shaded recreational outposts. These areas also help to establish small safe havens for some of our quickly dwindling native flora and fauna. I’m thrilled to now play a more active role in these efforts

Where is a Green Space in Palm Beach County you like to visit?

Raising my family in So Palm Beach County I took my children to Gumbo Limbo State Park so many times. The property stretches from the ocean to the intercoastal, so we never tired of encountering new and interesting things.  With the nature walks and all the wonderful exhibits they have, there’s always so many things to learn and watch for. They also have the turtle rescue tanks that are a treat for the whole family. I never tire of visiting this center.