James R. Chard

Former City Commissioner | City of Delray Beach
Why is Community Greening important to you?

Landscape and tree canopy are the only things that prevent Delray from being a sun parched expanse of sand. Green plants nourish us, provide homes for wildlife, reduce ambient temperature, prevent stormwater runoff, and filter pollutants from our groundwater. And yet, trees and landscape are under constant attack by developers, local regulations, city governments, utility companies, and invasive species. It takes a committed organization like Community Greening to reverse the trends which are causing the deforestation of our City. With an educated and energized citizenry, we can reclaim the parking lots, prevent clear-cutting of development properties, and protect, nourish, and expand the trees, shrubs, grasses, and vines that can make Delray a tropical paradise.

Where is a Green Space in Palm Beach County you like to visit?

I would start with the Green Cay nature preserve, a tranquil ecosystem that was once a cabbage farm and is now returned to its native state (plus it serves as a tertiary water filtration system). But also include the banks of the E4 canal, the cultivated acres of Mounts Botanical Garden, and the Delray Oaks bird sanctuary.