Pick Up & Grow Application

What is Pick Up & Grow?

Pick-up & Grow is our new tree planting program that will allow community groups to apply to receive up to 25 free trees to plant on their own private property!

Approved groups will be eligible to pick up native trees directly from our tree nursery in Boca Raton.

Requirements for submitting an application are below.

Requirements to Apply

  1. Community Groups include, but are not limited to: Schools, Religious Centers, Youth Organizations (ie. Boys & Girls Club), and HOA’s.
  2. Group must own the property in which the trees will be planted.
  3. Groups must be able to pick-up trees at the CG Tree Nursery in Boca Raton.
  4. Groups agree to properly plant and maintain all trees.
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What Trees are Available?

All Pick-up & Grow Trees are Florida natives, and will come in a 3-gallon container.

A variety of species options are available to choose from, so that organizations can choose the right tree, for the right place on their property.

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What is Included?

In addition to providing the trees for your organization, Community Greening will also supply you with the tools and knowledge to ensure your trees are properly planted and cared for over their lifetime.

Approved organizations will also receive shovels, compost soil, mulch, 5-gallon watering bucket, as well as information on proper planting techniques and care for their trees.

Apply for Pick Up & Grow

Applications Are Now Being Accepted – Click Here

Pick Up & Grow is funded through a partnership with the Florida Forest Service.

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