Celebrate the Earth

by Mark Cassini on April 14, 2021

What is Earth Day?

During a time of industrial prosperity for America, major environmental concerns sprouted such as air and water pollution. Along this same time was the Vietnam War that students across the country were protesting against. According to, the energy from these students at the protests led Wisconsin Senator Gaylord Nelson to infuse both the outcry for the war to end and the demand to protect the environment in 1969. The protest groups fought against oil spills, factory pollution, extinction of wildlife, and more. Together, this energy from the protests gained national media attention and led to the first Earth Day on April 22, 1970. Soon after, Congress passed several acts to protect the environment and endangered species. Many years later in 1990, Earth Day became a global event that mobilized 200 million people across 141 countries to acknowledge the day and work towards saving the environment.

So Why Celebrate Earth Day?

We celebrate Earth Day to remind the world that our planet is the only place we can call home, and that we should always work towards protecting it! As our human population continues to grow, we continue to deplete a number of essential resources, and in turn, creating negative environmental impacts. It’s important to continue bringing awareness to the state our planet is in so that we can get ahead of the curve before it’s too late!


Celebrating Earth Day also serves as an opportunity to show all the ways we can be more sustainable and help take part in saving and protecting our local communities. 


Think Big:


Or Think Small:


Some ways you can celebrate Earth Day is to donate, volunteer, spread the message, or find at least 1 thing in your daily lifestyle that you can switch out for a more sustainable practice! 

How You Can Support Community Greening

Our mission is to improve our environment for people and nature. Trees have enormous long-term benefits to our environment that help fight climate change and air pollution which is why we aim to plant as many trees as possible to create green spaces and educate our community!

You can always support our mission by showing up to one of our many volunteer events if you are local to Delray Beach, Florida! If you’re not a local, you can donate to support our local
programs or dedicate a tree to a loved one! We’ll plant the tree for you. 

Your help can make the greatest impact not only to our community but to the world! Sign up for our newsletter, volunteer with us, or make a donation today.