Community Greening Staff Members

Community Greening Team Photo

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Mark Cassini Community Greening Staff Member

Mark Cassini

Community Greening

Matt Shipley Community Greening Staff Member

Matt Shipley

Community Greening

Indira Broch Community Greening Staff Member

Indira Broch

Events and Marketing
Community Greening

Dondre McCrary

Community Forester
Community Greening

Stephen Seto Community Greening Staff Member

Stephen Seto

Urban Orchards Manager
Community Greening

Board Members

Cary Caster

LMT, CCA, Owner/Founder
Scent RX, LLC

James R. Chard

Former City Commissioner
City of Delray Beach

Emanuel Dupree Jackson Jr.

Founding Director
EJS Project, Inc

Jennifer Gomez, Esq.

Trusts & Estates Attorney
Wild Felice & Partners

Cristina Hicks

Environmental Sustainability Manager
JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

Jeff Nurge

Native Choice Nursery
Florida Native Gardening

Carolyn M. Pendelton-Parker

Landscape Architect

Lt. Daniela Quinn

Delray Beach Police

Joseph Scondotto

Market Manager
Valley National Bank

Adriene Tynes

Director of Accreditation
Non-Profits First

Mission & Vision Statements

Community Greening is a collective effort to improve our environment for people and nature.

We are an engaged community creating sustainable green spaces and a vibrant tree canopy to equitably strengthen our environment, economy, society, and health.

Why We are Doing it

We believe communities need to be proactive to respond to the ecological and human risks associated with climate change. Biodiversity loss, flooding and extreme heat are serious concerns that are exacerbated without trees. Promoting, planting, and protecting green space contributes to a resilient and sustainable community that recognizes the vital importance of a healthy balance between people and nature.

Trees have enormous long-term benefits for our environment. They clean our air and water, reduce energy costs, increase property values, improve health and well-being, and generate business.


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