Corporate & Private Partnerships

Partner with CG!

Partnering with Community Greening allows businesses to demonstrate their commitment to sustainability and the communities in which they operate, by funding tree planting & giveaway events, volunteering at our tree nursery, or donating to our mission!

Tree Plantings

We’ll set up a private Tree Planting Event for your staff, in which they’ll be able to help us plant trees at a local park, school, or green space.

CG handles all the logistics, works with necessary municipal partners, supplies all of the trees & tools, and we even maintain each tree planted for one year! We also bring out our professional photographer and a DJ to keep things fun.

Email us to set up a Corporate Planting

Free Tree Giveaways

Fund a Free Tree Giveaway! Tree Giveaways are excellent opportunities to directly impact hundreds of local residents and maximize the number of trees being planted for your budget.

Your brand will be highlighted as the giveaway sponsor on promotional materials, and your staff has the opportunity to help pass out trees during the event. We even bring out a professional photographer & a DJ to keep things fun!

Email us to set up a Corporate Tree Giveaway

Nursery Volunteer Groups

For groups without a budget to fund a planting or giveaway event, we also offer private volunteer opportunities at our Tree Nursery in Boca Raton.

Help us sow seeds, pot-up saplings, and care for trees we grow up for future planting projects. 15-30 volunteers required. Flexibility on dates/times (typically mornings, Mon-Fri).

Email us about a Corporate Nursery Event

General Sponsorship & Donations

Support Community Greening’s overall mission by contributing to our General Operating Fund, underwrite a current or new program, or help to make a major equipment purchase!

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