Delray Residential Drop Off

What is the Delray Residential Drop Off Program?

Thanks to our Tree Planting Partnership with the City of Delray Beach, Delray residents can apply to have free trees delivered directly to their home!

City of Delray Beach residents can receive up to three (3) FREE Florida shade trees in 15-gallon containers, which would be dropped off at their door!

Residents are responsible for all planting and care of the trees.

Requirements to Apply

  • Applicant must be a resident of the City of Delray Beach. See City Limits Map.
  • Trees must be planted at the Delray Beach address in which the applicant resides.
  • Applicants must own the property, or have permission from property owner to add new trees.
  • Applicants assume all risk/responsibility for trees upon delivery, including planting, care and maintenance.
  • Applicants agree to complete short follow-up questionnaire.
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What Trees are Available?

A variety of Florida shade trees will be available so that residents can choose the right tree, for the right place on their property.

All trees come in a 15-gallon container (approximately 5′-12′ tall upon planting depending on species).

A limited number of trees are available through the Delray Drop Off Program, and species options may change.

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Steps to Receiving Your Free Trees

  1. Determine what trees would be best for your property. Use the Right Tree, Right Place Guide to determine the number of trees and which specific species available would be best for your property based on your yard’s site conditions (sun/shade/drainage, room for growth, proper spacing from home/sidewalks, etc.).
  2. Submit your application. You must live within the City of Delray Beach or your application will be automatically denied.
  3. Delivery setup. A CG Staff member will contact you to coordinate a delivery date and time window. Please be patient in the time between submitting and application and being contacted by a CG staff member to coordinate delivery.
  4. Tree delivery. CG Tree Techs will deliver your tree(s) directly to your home, along with planting and maintenance guides to help you care for your tree(s) over their lifetime. Applicants assume all risk for trees upon delivery.
  5. Plant your trees! Properly plant your tree(s) using the provided instructional information (including calling 811 prior to digging). Proper watering and maintenance will help your tree(s) thrive so that you can enjoy their beauty and the amazing benefits they’ll provide for years to come! All trees want to be planted in the ground, not live in a pot/planter.

Applications Are Now Open – Apply Here!

The Delray Residential Drop Off Program is made possible thanks to our Municipal Planting Partnership with the City of Delray Beach.